Which is more important, improving people’s standard of living or protecting the enviroment? | FCE preparation

Esej v rámci přípravného kurzu na zkoušku FCE (First Certificate in English).

I think a healthy enviroment is a big part of a hight standard of living. I guess people would not like to live in a world with toxic water or breath polluted air, despite having nice big houses, cars and lot of other products. We should find balance between people’s standatd of living and the enviroment. In this essay I am going address particullary housing and employment.

Rapid population growth increases demand for housing. More houses require more land, energy, building materials, appliances. Homeowners also produce a lot of waste that needs to be stored. To decrease housing effect on enviroment some steps can be taken. Besides managing cities better, using energy more efficiently recycling resources, we could also try to stabilise population.

In order for people to afford a good standard of living, they will need to be able to find a job that pays well, or at least enought. Good education can help.

We should protect our enviroment as there could be a point where the enviroment has gotten so bad that humans are not able to survive.