Trainspotting review | FCE preparation

Recently I have read announcemend of the second sequel of the film trainspotting. The first film was very controversial.

Trainspotting is based on the novel of the same name written by Irwine Welsh. It was released in 1996 and directed by Danny Boyle.

The book is very dark, graphic and depressive, and may be hard to read for some. I was suprised the film was more funny black commedy.

The main character of the story, Renton, is trying to get rid of  his heroin addiction. Anyone who likes films with similar themes will really enjoy this one. Moreover, the film is accompanied with the great soundtrack.

As trainspotting can be considered to be one of the best Brittish films of the last century, I reccomend that everyone watch it. My advice is to avoid hight expectation as the first film was absolutely perfect and very well crafted, it will be really hard to get the new one on the same level.