What will people wear in 100 years and why? | FCE preparation

What will people wear in 100 years and why? I think as people are becoming more and more attached to technology, the future belongs to wearable technology.

Wearable technology, or wereables, are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced elecronic technologies.

Imagine that your dress could change color, sleeve and hem length, maintain body temperature in response to enviroment, measure vital signs, track your activity, etc…

Today wearables are not attractive for people due to limited functionallity, high price and out-of-fashion look.

As nano technology advances, a wider range of functionallity will be possible and prices could drop.

A more fashionable look could be accomplished through collaboration of technology companies with fashion houses. Maybe wearables will be incorporated into fashion so well, we will not be able to notice them.

In future, I believe, wearables will be, for most people, as common as smart phones are today, becouse they make life easier.

“What will people wear in 100 years and why?”  Esej napsaná v rámci přípravy na FCE zkoušku.